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All pieces are loom knitted, hand tailored.




The Paper Yarn is made of linen paper from Kyoto, Japan.

For additional strength, a few strands of nearly invisible raw silk is wrapped around the yarn. 



For Care:

The Paper Yarn Scarf is knit with a loose gage so it is airy and fragile. It will soften and grow over time.  Please massage the paper yarn scarf gently by pulling sideways (against the way of the stitches /and vertically when you wear it) to help shape it. This is a way to bring back the scarf’s fluffiness.


It is not recommended to wash the scarf. Please keep in mind that when it is wet there is a possibility the color will fade slightly, like origami paper. Please be careful when you wear it and simply air it out afterwards or dry clean it.




Some items may not be in immediate stock and I will need to create pieces. 

The time it takes will depend on the piece, ranging from a couple weeks to a month.

I hope you understand and are patient, as I am the only creator, and my knitwear is all made by hand. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Warm regards, 

Kaoru Izushi Knit Design

Paper Mobius Infinity Scarf - Red

  • The model is wearing 2 scarves.

    If you would like a similar look, please consider layering.

    This airy and lightweight scarf is perfect to wear as an accent/statement piece. 

    You can gently shape the scarf to create a smoother or edgy look, depending on your style.

    Choose from a variety of colors to mix and match with your outfit. 

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