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This knit top is a versatile piece.

With a spiraled asymmetrical neckline and shape, this piece is perfect for those who enjoy a creative spin for their outfit.



All pieces are loom knitted, hand tailored.




Size S:  Width 34"  Length 10"~16"

Size M:  Width 36" Length 10"~16"

Size  L:  Width 38"  Length 10"~16"



This top is knit with 100% Cotton yarn from Greece.

For Care:

Please dry clean. 




Some items may not be in immediate stock and I will need to create pieces. 

The time it takes will depend on the piece, ranging from a couple weeks to a month.

I hope you understand and are patient, as I am the only creator, and my knitwear is all made by hand. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Warm regards, 

Kaoru Izushi Knit Design

Spiral Cotton Top - Gray

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